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"Laurie Brant found me my West Village loft. Laurie is smart, experienced, and straightforward, a pleasure to work with. She was quick to understand what I was looking for, and showed me a lot of places, many of which I was tempted to take. Laurie never tried to play down a particular apartment's disadvantages, nor did she push me to hurry up and make a choice. When preparing the "package” for my co-op, Laurie was extremely helpful. Laurie was tremendous fun to be with. You spend a lot of time with a broker, clonking around from place to place; it's much pleasanter to do that when the broker is intelligent and funny. "
- Myra M., West Village buyer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Laurie on my property in Chelsea since the early 90s. Laurie has been an invaluable resource in many areas. Able to assess market conditions and rent my vacant apartments quickly with quality tenants. Laurie has also been quite helpful in managing the building and advising me on recent capital renovations. I value her opinion and consider her an integral part of my group. "
- Brad L., Chelsea owner

"Laurie Brant is a sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced real estate broker and property manager. I have been fortunate to work with Laurie for many years and have always found her to be hardworking, insightful and willing to go way beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Laurie treats her clients and the people that she  works with kindness and the highest level of professionalism. If you want to work with an individual who truly cares about you and helping you accomplish your goals, Laurie Brant is the person you need."
- Allison F., Esq.

"Laurie Brant has been the building manager for 333 West 11th Street from July 2002 until March 2014.  This building had it's share of building repairs - expected and unexpected.  Laurie oversaw all building repairs with efficiency and professionalism.  She oversaw several complicated repairs to the building as well as the addition of a laundry room.  She found excellent repairmen to do the job and managed it beautifully.

Laurie  was always accessible to the tenants whenever problems arose.

There was not a lot of turnover as Laurie had a keen sense of making sure that she accepted responsible people.  She also fostered an environment in the building where people were quite happy and didn't want to leave.

In addition to her role as the Building Manager, she was the Agent who helped us sell the building in March of 2014.  She steered the sale with professionalism.  Laurie was able to find all of the necessary records for the buyer and the sale went off seamlessly.

I would recommend Laurie Brant without hesitation for anyone looking for a Building Manager or a Real Estate Agent in any building sale.  It was a pleasure to work closely with her for the past 4 years.  I would be happy to discuss her work in more depth at any time." - Martha S.

"I have been in the commercial real estate business for fifty years.  During my career I have met with many real estate brokers.  Among the best, brightest and most dedicated is Mahattan's own Laurie Brant.  We met in l998 when I was looking for a suitable home for my three children who were living in Greenwich Village.  Laurie quickly found the perfect home: a five unit townhouse with 3 vacant apartments.  Laurie showed another important element in her quiver of attributes:  her ability to manage a real estate asset and maximize it's potential, while keeping the tenants serene and secure.  Laurie handled the income, watched the expenses and prepared a plethora of city and state filings with accuracy, punctuality and efficiency.  When my children moved on, Laurie again proved her professional competency by intelligently marketing our building, finding the buyer and successfully concluding the negotiations, resulting in a speedy sale." - Dick V.