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For over four decades, Laurie Brant Realty has been selling, managing and renting unique and unusual properties.  Laurie specializes in carriage houses, brownstones, lofts and pre-war buildings.  She will guide you through the labyrinth of finding and qualifying a buyer or a tenant.  She will work with you to create  a marketing strategy that encompasses all aspects of the real estate marketing arena (floor plans, brochures, press articles, etc.), and she will help you to stage the property for photographs and media videos.  New listings will go simultaneously to all brokers in the real estate community, and will appear on websites such as the New York Times, Street Easy, and Google, OLR -----to name just a few.

Laurie will also help you with any specialized problems that may arise.  For instance, if you're combining apartments, you may need to modify a C of O (Certificate of Occupancy), or, if there's a second building on the property, that building may, at some point, require its own tax lot.  Laurie has encountered these issues in the past and knows how to deal with them expeditiously.

To complete a sale or rental, Laurie works with the attorneys, the lending institution underwriters, and the coop or condo boards of directors.